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The Difference Between Compound Fertilizer and Blended Fertilizer

Compound fertilizer and blended fertilizer are two different types of chemical fertilizers, and the price and fertilizer efficiency of the two are quite different.


Different production processes The compound fertilizer is synthesized by chemical reaction, and its nutrient content is uniform and the particle size is consistent. The compound fertilizer is formed by physical mixing, the production process is simple, the nutrient is uneven, and the effect is poor.


Different nutrient contents The nutrient content of compound fertilizer is generally fixed, with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium being 15% each and sulfur being 30%. The concentration of compound fertilizer is low, and the total nutrient is generally not more than 30%.


The nutrient utilization rate is different. The chemical fertilizer synthesized compound fertilizer has uniform nutrient release and high utilization rate. The nutrient release of the physically mixed compound fertilizer is not balanced, resulting in waste and lack of nutrient absorption in the crop.


Different implementation standards Whether it is compound fertilizer or compound fertilizer labeled as compound fertilizer, the general marking standards are GB15063-94, while the marking standards for compound fertilizers are different, which are the enterprise standards for implementation. You can discern it with a little attention when you buy it. Where the marking standard is GB15063-94, and the total nutrient does not exceed 30%, it is a compound fertilizer.



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