Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

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Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. is the leading brand of fertilizer equipment in China. The company is an environmentally-friendly high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and manufacture of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer equipment. Our company was established on September 23, 2005. Our factory is located in Xingyang, Zhengzhou, with a standardized heavy industrial plant of 40,000 square meters. At the same time, it has introduced internationally advanced large and medium-sized metal processing equipment, including 10 machining centers, 3 laser cutting machines, and more than 80 types of equipment. We are China's self-operated import and export enterprise. Our company is Zhengzhou organic fertilizer equipment engineering research and development center, which provides a strong guarantee for the product quality and development of the enterprise.


Our company has a professional team composed of experts, professors and senior engineers. We are dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and promotion of organic fertilizer & compound fertilizer equipment. Our company was founded in 2005. After years of reform and development, Shunxin Machinery has won countless certificates of honor. These honors are Consumer approval of our products. We have gained a good credit and reputation in machinery industry.


Our company's main business projects are the installation and production of fertilizer equipment, extrusion equipment, granulation equipment, drying equipment, mechanical equipment and accessories, and the design and construction of fertilizer engineering. Our equipment is complete in specifications and quality, and all indicators meet or exceed national standards. Our products are popular both at home and abroad. Our company have realized one-stop service for design, manufacture, installation, debugging, technical training.

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What can chicken manure be used for?

Fertilizer: Chicken manure is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, along with other essential nutrients. It can be composted or aged to create nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. The fertilizer derived from chicken manure is beneficial for enhancing soil fertility, promoting plant growth, and improving overall pl ... + Read more

Advantages of Granular Organic Fertilizer

Slow and Controlled Release: Granular organic fertilizers typically release nutrients slowly and gradually, providing a continuous supply of nutrients to plants over an extended period. This controlled release helps prevent nutrient leaching and ensures that plants receive a steady and balanced nutrition, reducing the ... + Read more

What is the required land area for an organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 10,000 tons?

An organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 10,000 tons requires a minimum land area of 1,500 square meters. This includes fermentation workshop, production workshop, finished product workshop, and office area. The commonly used configuration for such a production line is a new type of organic fertil ... + Read more

What is bio organic fertilizer?

Bio organic fertilizer, also known as biofertilizer, is a type of organic fertilizer that contains beneficial microorganisms that enhance soil fertility and promote plant growth. Unlike traditional organic fertilizers that provide nutrients directly to plants, bio organic fertilizers focus on improving the overall soil ... + Read more

What preparations are needed for large-scale composting?

Site Selection: Choose a suitable location for the composting facility. Consider factors such as proximity to organic waste sources, accessibility for transportation, availability of water and electricity, and compliance with local regulations and zoning requirements. Permits and Regulations: Understand and comply with ... + Read more

What is organic fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer is a type of fertilizer that is made from natural sources of organic matter, such as plant and animal materials. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, which are made from chemically synthesized compounds, organic fertilizers are made from natural materials that are broken down by microorganisms into nutrient ... + Read more

How large pig farm produce fertilizer?

Step 1: fermentation    After collecting pig waste and mixing it with hay, rotten silage and so on, you need to make compost and then let it ferment. In the fermentation process, the compost turner equipment is used to fully ferment the pig dung, which can only be achieved by turning the pile in time and evenly. If som ... + Read more

Advantages of Cow Dung as Organic Fertilizer

Cow dung has been used as an organic fertilizer for centuries and has several advantages: Rich in Nutrients: Cow dung is rich in essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are essential for plant growth. These nutrients help in improving soil fertility and increasing crop yield. Improves So ... + Read more

Is chicken poop good for plants?

Yes, chicken poop can be an excellent fertilizer for plants due to its high nutrient content. Chicken manure is particularly rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are essential macronutrients for plant growth. However, fresh chicken manure is not suitable for direct application to plants as it can be too s ... + Read more

What to consider when building an organic fertilizer plant?

Production scale: Determine the scale of your production based on the available raw materials, market demand, and your budget. Equipment: Choose the right equipment for each stage of the production process, such as compost turner, crusher, mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, and packaging machine. Location: Choose a loca ... + Read more

Advantages of producing organic fertilizer from animal manure

Improved Soil Health: Organic fertilizers, such as those produced from animal manure, improve soil health by increasing the nutrient content, organic matter, and microbial activity in the soil. This leads to healthier, more productive plants and better crop yields. Cost-effective: Organic fertilizers are often less exp ... + Read more

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