Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Brief Introduction of Chicken Manure Fermenter

Chicken manure fermenter is also called chicken manure fermenter, fast fermenter, chicken manure fermenter as the name suggests is a special fermentation equipment for chicken manure, the fermentation cycle is generally completed in 7-10 days.


Advantages of organic fertilizer fermenter:

The whole process is automatic and highly automated, and it has strong sealing and will not cause secondary pollution.

The vertical closed tank structure is adopted, which saves the floor space and fermenter, which better reduces the equipment installation area requirements.

The contact part of the organic fertilizer fermenter with the feces is all made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.

Fully automated operation, small fermenter, can realize unmanned operating system (when the conveyor is put into operation)

The interior of the tank is made of polyurethane as an insulation layer, which is less affected by the outside world and ensures fermentation throughout the year.


Chicken manure fermenter fermentation principle

Organic waste itself contains a lot of bacteria and fungi. When conditions such as temperature, moisture, and oxygen are appropriate, these microorganisms multiply and decompose organic matter in the sludge. The high-temperature aerobic fermentation process of sludge is actually a process of microbial fermentation in sludge. Insoluble macromolecular organic substances are first attached to microorganisms, and extracellular enzymes secreted by microorganisms are decomposed into soluble small molecular substances, which are then used in microbial cells for utilization. The matrix of the heap is complex and can only be used by microorganisms if it is decomposed into simple forms.

Main features of organic fertilizer fermenter:

  1. The organic fertilizer fermenter treatment process consumes less energy and has low operating cost; making full use of space and occupying a small area;
  2. The organic fertilizer fermenter has a high degree of automation, and combines PLC and host computer to realize remote control;
  3. The treatment process of the organic fertilizer fermenter is completely closed and does not cause secondary pollution;


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