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Benefits of Fermented Decomposed Rabbit Feces

At present, composting is a routine technology. Composting of various materials, such as sludge, manure, and mushroom substrate, has been reported. Composting livestock manure is one of the main ways to effectively use livestock and poultry resources. The composting technology is divided into two types: anaerobic composting and high-temperature aerobic composting. The anaerobic composting treatment takes a long time. The rabbit feces fermented by the fermenting agent is a high-temperature aerobic compost, which has the following advantages:

1.Improve fertilizer efficiency: nutrients such as protein and cellulose in feces cannot be directly absorbed by plants. After composting and fermenting, they can be converted into amino acids, organic acids, sugars, organic salts, etc. to be absorbed by plants. By the action of microorganisms, the feces are converted into stable and easily absorbed substances, so fresh manure needs to be composted before it can be used as a fertilizer, which greatly improves the fertilizer efficiency. The conversion rate is higher than that of ordinary natural rot.

2.Killing eggs: Fermented rabbit manure generally rises above 45 °C and enters the high temperature stage. At this stage, mesophilic microorganisms are inhibited or even die, while thermophilic microorganisms rise to dominant microorganisms. Residual and newly formed soluble organic matter in the compost is decomposed, and complex organic compounds such as hemicellulose, cellulose and protein are also beginning to be strongly decomposed. Microbial activity alternates. The most active ones are thermophilic fungi and actinomycetes at around 50 °C. When the temperature rises to 60 °C, the fungus almost completely ceases to function. Only thermophilic bacteria and actinomycetes are active. Most of the thermophilic microorganisms are no longer adapted to 70 ° C and enter the dormant and death stages in large numbers. The optimum temperature for modern compost production is generally 55 ° C, because most microorganisms are the most active in this temperature range, the most easily decomposed organic matter, and most of the pathogens and parasites can be killed, and the fecal harmlessness can be achieved. Health standards requirements.

3.Resistance to disease: organic materials in the fermentation process, accompanied by a large number of rapid proliferation of microorganisms and a series of complex biochemical reaction processes, microbes in the breeding process will produce a large number of special effects of metabolic substances (such as enzymes, hormones, antibiotics, It is not an external chemical hormone antibiotic, only benefits without any side effects. Among them, hormones can stimulate the rapid growth and development of crops; while antibiotics can significantly inhibit the spread of soil-borne bacteria and improve the disease resistance and stress resistance of crops. The crude organic fertilizer that is not fermented has not only these advantages, but because it has pathogenic bacteria, it becomes the main source of infection for spreading crop diseases.

4.Fermentation thoroughly: the rabbit manure fermented out from the composting machine is thoroughly cooked and will not cause secondary fermentation. It is safe and reliable after application, and will not cause burnt roots.

5.Improve soil: Fermented rabbit manure as organic fertilizer not only increases the organic matter content of the soil, but also increases the beneficial microorganisms in the soil, improves the beneficial microbial environment in the soil, and improves the soil micro-ecological cycle.

6.Use convenient: the rabbit feces after fermentation is made of organic fertilizer fluffy and odorless, greatly improving the smell of odor and urinating in rabbit feces, no longer attracting mosquitoes and flies, convenient and hygienic application, greatly improving environmental pollution problems, and increasing soil after application. Water retention and fertilizer retention capacity can effectively prevent soil compaction and fertilize soil fertility.

7.Fermentation time is short: the fermentation time of the rabbit manure by the composting machine is short.

8.Improve quality: Fully decomposed organic fertilizer, comprehensive nutrient, and a variety of biological activities, so after application can significantly improve the quality of agricultural products, produce a truly pollution-free green food, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing production and increasing income.These are incomparable to fertilizers.



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