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How to Compost Manure Properly

Use a “hot compost” recipe.  By combining the correct ratio of bedding and manure at one time to form a pile, approximately one cubic yard, then adding moisture

(material should be about as wet as a well wrung sponge), will produce a hot pile.  It is recommend that the compost pile heat to 130-150 degrees F and maintain that temperature for 3 days.  Heating is necessary to destroy pathogens but temperatures above 160 degrees F can kill beneficial microorganisms and slow the process.  To help you achieve appropriate temperature you can purchase a compost temperature gauge from a local nursery.

Repeat the heating process.  Once the center of your compost pile has reached the required temperature for three days it will start to cool. After it cools, pull the center apart and move the core material to the edges and bring the edge material into the center to heat.  For 1 cubic yard of material repeat the process of bringing edges into the core at least 3 times.

Let it cure.  Monitor the pile and once you are satisfied that the entire contents of your bin has been heated, loosely cover and let cure for 45-60 days before using.    It’s ready when most material is dark, crumbly and sweet-smelling like soil.

Add to garden.  You can add the resulting compost to your vegetable garden or flower bed by spreading it on the surface or by gently working it into existing soil.



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