Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Common Plant-Derived Organic Fertilizer Raw Materials

Straws: common original corn stover, wheat straw, bean straw, rice straw. It contains high molecular weight substances such as cellulose and lignin, and has low nutrient content such as NPK (except for legumes). It is rare to use such materials as organic fertilizer alone. It is generally used to increase the organic matter of fermented materials and regulate carbon. Nitrogen ratio. These kinds of raw materials are relatively abundant and the price is low. However, because these materials are mostly in the hands of agricultural retailers, large-area acquisitions are difficult and seasonal, and annual production needs to be stocked in advance.


Oysters: There are soybean meal, cotton aphid, ramie, pepper, peanuts and so on, which are mostly scraps of agricultural products processing industry, mostly auxiliary materials. Organic fertilizers with bismuth as raw materials can be regarded as high-end organic fertilizers. Because they are mostly feed grades, the raw material costs are high, and fermentation fermentation is not suitable for control.


Fungus: commonly known as mushroom residue, fungus package, there are ginseng mushroom residue, oyster mushroom residue, oyster mushroom residue, etc. The raw materials are mostly distiller’s grains, corn cob, rice husk powder, wheat bran, soybean meal and some nutrients, and the organic matter is high. It is rich in bacterial proteins, vitamins, trace elements and auxins. It is better to use organic fertilizers in fertility.



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