Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

What are the hazards of using unfermented livestock and poultry manure?

1. Infection of diseases and insect pests: The direct use of undecomposed organic substances will lead to the transmission of diseases and insect pests, crop disease, and also affect the health of agricultural products.
2. Burning of seedlings: After the unfermented raw manure is applied to the ground, when the moisture and other fermentation conditions are met, the raw manure will start to ferment, and the heat generated by fermentation will affect the growth of crops.
3. Soil hypoxia: Organic matter consumes oxygen in the soil during the decomposition process, which will inhibit the growth of crops.

groove type compost turner
4. Slow fertilizer effect: Most of the nutrients in unfermented and decomposed organic fertilizers are in an organic state or a slow-acting state, which cannot be directly absorbed and used by crops. Only when they are decomposed and transformed can they be absorbed and used by crops.
5. Huge volume: If it is applied directly without fermentation, the feces are large in size and high in water content, which is very inconvenient for transportation and use.
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