Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to produce powdered chicken manure organic fertilizer?

First, mix the chicken manure with an appropriate amount of straw powder. How much to add depends on the water content of the chicken manure. Generally, fermentation requires a water content of 45%. Then add cornmeal and bacteria. The function of cornmeal is to increase the sugar content for the fermentation of the bacteria, so that the biological bacteria decomposing agent will soon take the lead. Then add the prepared mixture into the mixer, and stir evenly without leaving lumps.

Crawler Type Compost Turner (1)
The mixed ingredients are piled into long strips with a width of 1.5m-2m and a height of 0.8m-1m, and they are turned over by a crawler type compost turner every 2 days. Composting takes 2 days to heat up, 4 days to be odorless, 7 days to loosen, 9 days to become fragrant, and 10 days to become fertilizer. Specifically, on the second day of composting, the temperature can reach 60°C-80°C to eliminate pests and diseases such as E. coli and insect eggs. On the fourth day, the odor of chicken manure is eliminated. On the seventh day, the compost becomes loose and dry, covered with white bacteria silk. On the 9th day, a kind of koji fragrance will be emitted. On the 10th day, the bacterial fertilizer will be fermented and mature, and it can be crushed with a semi-wet material pulverizer after a little drying. And then screened by a sieving machine, the powdery organic fertilizer is ready, and it can be packaged and stored.
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