Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

What are the Advantages of Fermenting Manure as Organic Fertilizer?

1. The functional microorganisms in the organic fertilizer fermented by cow manure and sheep manure have inhibitory effects on harmful pathogenic bacteria. The fecal starter contains a large number of functional beneficial microorganisms, and most of the beneficial microorganisms are retained after the fermented manure organic fertilizer is completed. Functional microbes are applied to the soil along with cow manure organic fertilizer and rapidly multiply, forming dominant populations in the crop rhizosphere soil micro-ecological system, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of other harmful microorganisms, and even antagonizing some harmful pathogenic bacteria, reducing harmful microorganisms to hazard opportunities.

2. The organic fertilizer fermented by cow manure is more comprehensive and promotes the healthy growth of plants. According to the practice of many manure fermented organic fertilizer users, the crops have good plant type after application, the disease resistance is enhanced, and the disease occurrence is reduced. For example, in the cabbage test, after the chicken manure organic fertilizer made by Xinshengyuan manure starter, the incidence of planting special soft rot is 2%, while the incidence of using vegetable fertilizer and direct use of feces is 17% and 20% respectively.

3. Functional microbial metabolites in cow manure fermented organic fertilizer can increase crop resistance. The microorganisms remaining in the cow manure organic fertilizer secrete various metabolites into the crop rhizosphere soil micro-ecological system during the process of growth and reproduction. These metabolites can improve the photosynthesis of plants, stimulate plant growth, and improve the ability of crops to resist adverse environment. Diseases rarely occur during the growth of crops.



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