Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Slant Screen Solid Liquid Separator Installation and Commissioning


Preliminary Preparation 

  1. Welder
  2. Cutting Machine
  3. Power Line
  4. PVC pipe, straight connector, elbowPVC
  5. Steel nails or expansion screws (if it’s theexpansion screw, also need to prepare the electric drill)
  6. Build a platform with a width of 2.5 meters, a length of 3 meters and a height of 1-2 meters (the height is 1-2 meters according to the customer’s own situation)
  7. A small piece of steel plateand Channel steel*2 (in order to fixed the Mixer)



  1. Place the machineon the built platform and place it smoothly.


  1. Connect the extrusion tank liquid discharge port to the equipment cabinet with a short wire hose


  1. Install the reducer and 5.5kw motor of the main machine and fix them with screws

4.Installation Pump



5.Put the steel hose on the clamp and put it on the pump outlet, tighten the clamp screw


  1. The pump is tied with a twine and the pump is placed in the pool.


  1. Attach the other end of the wire hose to the inlet of the equipment main unit and tighten the clamp screw.


8.The wire hose is cut off, the PVC three-way return valve is connected, the three-way water outlet is connected to the pool, and the returning water is returned to the pool again.

9.Connect the equipment liquid output port to a suitable place with a PVC pipe

  1. Cut the mixer to the appropriate length according to the depth of the pool (the mixer is 10-20 cm from the bottom)

  1. Weld the mixing blade with the mixer

12.Put the stirring connecting plate on the reducer and screw it, connect the 3KW motor to the reducer, then align the stirrer connecting plate with the connecting plate on the reducer and screw it.

13.Use two channel steel or square tube brackets on the septic tank, stir the connecting plate on the top, and weld the connecting plate to the bracket with a welder.

14.Fix the cabinet in place with steel nails or expanded wire

15.Screw the vibration motor and the machine motor(5.5kw) cable together to connect to the main motor, and connect the other end to the electric cabinet to connect the pump (4kw)and the mixer(3kw) power to the electric cabinet.

  1. The machine finished installation






Forward and reverse debugging (just adjust the forward and reverse only need to change the position of the two ends that are squatting at random)

  1. Turn on the power
  2. Start the host and observe the direction of the spiral propeller. If the spiral propeller moves toward the outlet, it will be forward, otherwise it will be reversed.
  3. Start the pump, and turn it through the transparent steel wire hose to see the manure water, or reverse
  4. Start the mixer, according to the welding direction of the blade, let the water rotate upward when the blade rotates (usually rotate clockwise)


Equipment commissioning

  1. Start the mixer, stir for 10-15 minutes, and mix the manure water evenly.
  2. Turn the pvc three-way return valve switch fully open (three-way return valve is mainly used to control the speed of feeding)
  3. Close the main discharge port cover (the cover opens automatically when there is solid materialout, until it is fully open)
  4. Start the machine
  5. Start the pump
  6. Slowly close the return valve switch and observe the feeding condition of the main unit (to ensure that the water cannot enter thespiral propeller)
  7. Normal dry manure, complete debugging





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