Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

The 5 Major Benefits of Combination of Organic Fertilizer and Chemical Fertilizer !

First: The chemical fertilizer has high nutrient content and fast fertilizer efficiency, but the duration is short, the nutrient is single, and the organic fertilizer is just the opposite. The combination of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer can make up for the short to meet the nutrient needs of the crops in each growth period.


Second: After the fertilizer is applied to the soil, some nutrients are absorbed or fixed by the soil, which reduces the effectiveness of the nutrients. When mixed with agricultural fertilizers, it can reduce the contact surface between chemical fertilizer and soil, reduce the probability of chemical fertilizer being fixed by soil, and improve the effectiveness of nutrients.


Third: The general fertilizer has a high solubility, which causes high osmotic pressure on the soil after application, affects the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, and increases the chance of nutrient loss. If mixed with organic fertilizer, it can overcome this drawback and promote the absorption of nutrients and water by crops.


Fourth: If the alkaline soil is applied with a single chemical fertilizer, the ammonium is absorbed by the plant, and the remaining acid roots combine with the hydrogen ions in the soil to form an acid, which leads to an increase in acidity and an increase in soil compaction. If mixed with organic fertilizer, it can improve the buffer capacity of the soil, effectively adjust the pH, so that the soil acidity is not increased.g


Fifth: Because organic fertilizer is the energy of microbial life, chemical fertilizer is the inorganic nutrient that supplies microbial growth and development. The combination of the two can promote the vitality of the microorganisms, thereby promoting the decomposition of the organic fertilizer. Soil microbial activities can also produce vitamins, biotin, niacin, etc., increase soil nutrients, increase soil vigor, and promote crop growth.



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