Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Brief Introduction of Organic Fertilizer Granulator and Its Characteristics

  1. Introduction of organic fertilizer granulator machines

Organic fertilizer making machine has wide series, including the compost turner, mixer and crusher, granulating machine, screening machine and polishing machine, final packing machine and conveying parts; Here we mainly talks about the organic fertilizer granulating machine;


Sirring granulator, it can be used to the compost manure fertilizer production and can produce 2-5mm ball size granules; its inner structure is high rotating shaft with many granulating teeth; it is introduced in the middle – large fertilizer production factory or farm; the only shortness is the large power in the use. But it keeps high granulating efficiency;


  1. Featuresof round organic fertilizer granules making machine

New organic fertilizer granulator is horizontal type with sealing cylinder, its inner structure is a lot of twisting teeth on the high speak strong shaft, which can drip the powder fertilizer into different direction to the cylinder continuously and rotating into small fine round granules. It is  continuous wet granulation. It is used for granulation for kinds of powder meal matter, like mineral powder including bentonite, clay, bauxite, coal powder, and other powder like sludge, fly ash, burning ash, etc. The small round beautiful granules or particles, diameter of 0.3-5mm,  size of granules can be adjustable, similar with the drum granulation and wet granulation.Easy operation and long service life, just daily lubrication maintenance. Input moisture is controlled within 20%-40%, output moisture is kept like so. It can be equipped with the drying machine for further process or just keep it in hot area.



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