Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

The Technology and Equipment of Turning Organic Distiller’s Residue to Organic Fertilizer

Here introduce a method of producing organic protein fertilizer form wine distillers, which takes rhizopus and bread yeast as fermentation inoculanta, waste source of white wine, natural phosphate rock and natural potassium mineral powder as mineral nutrient source. The nitrogen source is prepared by adding a small amount of ammonium amide nitrogen, and is fermented by high temperature fermentation; compared with the prior art, the whole process adopts high temperature fermentation, which plays a key role in evaporating part of water and reducing energy consumption; fermentation substrate after pulverization, the ratio of carbon to nitrogen in the matrix is adjusted by using ammonium amide, which provides a nitrogen source for microbial self-synthesis, which reduces the consumption of protein in the matrix; the obtained fertilizer contains more than 95% natural substances, and the organic nitrogen element is more than 6%. The various nutrient elements are relatively balanced, and have obvious effects on the yield and quality of progressive crop products, as well as improving the fertility level of cultivated land and improving the natural ecological environment of cultivated land. And the technical method is simple and easy to implement and easy to implement. Shunxin Machinery Manufacturing Factory is a manufacturer of fertilizer equipment. It possesses technology and equipment turn organic distiller’s liquor residue to organic fertilizer . The complete set of powder fertilizer includes: groove type compost turner→forklift bunker→chain crusher→horizontal Mixer → drum screening machine → automatic weighing and packaging machine. Belt conveyors (screw conveyors, bucket elevators) are connected between the equipment.


The complete set of granular fertilizer equipment includes: groove type turning machine→forklift bin→chain crusher→horizontal mixer→stirring granulator→double rounding machine→drying machine→cooling machine→drum screening machine→automatic Weighing packaging machines, etc. The equipment is transported by belt conveyor (screw conveyor, bucket elevator).



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