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Sheep Manure Nutrient Analysis

There are many sheep farms in Australia, New Zealand, America, England, France and Canada. Of course, it produces a great many of sheep manures. They are good raw materials for organic fertilizer production. Why? The quality of sheep manure is the first in animal husbandry. Sheep’s forage selection is buds, tender grass, flowers and green leaves, which are nitrogen concentration parts. The fresh sheep manure contains 0.46% of phosphorus and 0.23% of potassium, but the nitrogen content is of 0.66%. Its phosphorus and potassium content are same with other animal manure. Organic matter content is up to about 30%, far beyond the other animal manure. Nitrogen content is more than double the content in cow dung. Therefore, when applied the same amount of sheep manure to soil, fertilizer efficiency is much higher than other animal manure. Its fertilizer effect is quick and is suitable for top dressing, but after decomposed fermentation or granulation, otherwise it easy to burn seedlings.


Sheep is a ruminant, but rarely drinking water, so the sheep manure is dry and fine. The amount of feces is also very small. Sheep manure, as a hot fertilizer, is one of animal manures between horse manure and cow dung. Sheep manure contains relatively rich nutrients. It is both easy to break down into effective nutrients that can be absorbed, but also have nutrients difficult to decompose. Therefore, sheep manure organic fertilizer is a combination of quick-acting and low-acting fertilizer, suitable for a variety of soil application. Sheep manure by bio-fertilizer fermentation bacteria composting fermentation, and after the smashing of straw, biological complex bacteria stir evenly, and then by aerobic, anaerobic fermentation to become efficient organic fertilizer.


The content of organic matter in sheep waste was 24% ~ 27%, the nitrogen content was 0.7% ~ 0.8%, the content of phosphorus was 0.45% ~ 0.6%, the content of potassium was 0.3% ~ 0.6%, the content of organic matter in sheep 5%, nitrogen content of 1.3% to 1.4%, very little phosphorus, potassium is very rich, up to 2.1% to 2.3%.



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