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Detailed Description of Groove Type Compost Turner

The Groove type compost turner machine is the most widely used fermentation turning and turning equipment, which includes walking fermentation tank body, walking track, power taking device, turning over pile part and turning device (also called Transfer vehicles, mainly for multi-slot use). The turning and turning work part adopts advanced drum drive, which can be lifted and lowered. The liftable type is mainly used in the case where the width of the trough is not more than 5 meters, and the depth of the turning and turning pile is not more than 1.3 meters. The bearing housing of the turning device is fixed on the stacking frame, and the two spindles are fixed in the bearing housing, and each of the main shafts is welded with a plurality of turning shafts arranged at a certain distance and staggered at an angle, each turning pile A stack of plates is welded to the shaft. The stacking device is connected to the running device via a pin.


The bearing seat of the traveling device is fixed on the walking frame, and two connecting shafts I equipped with the traveling wheel are fixed in the bearing seat, and one end of each connecting shaft I is connected to one end of the connecting shaft II through the coupling, and is decelerated The two output shafts of the machine II are respectively connected to the other ends of the two shafts II through a coupling. The electric hoist of the lifting device is fixed on the walking frame, one end of the wire rope is wound on the electric hoist and the other end is fixed on the turning frame.



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