Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Moving Type Compost Turner Fermentation Process

Raw material prepare:
1.Application raw material: animals manure, kitchen waste, straw sawdust etc.
2.Raw material moisture: 50-60%
3.Fermentation time: about15-20days
4.Fermented Finished organic fertilizer moisture: 15-25% (can directly packing)
5.Raw material stacking: stacking strips with a width of about 2 meters and a height of 0.8-1 meters.
6.Pile-turning frequency: raw material temperature up to 60℃ Pile-turning once, until temperature doesn’t rise, fermentation finished.
7.Note: Need add the fermentation strain to promote fermentation, it can easy find in world market.
Raw material stacking and our compost turner pile-turning

Raw material stacking and our compost turner pile-turning

The addition of plant raw materials, such as straw, grass, wood chips, etc., first needs to be crushed, and then added to animal manure for fermenting and composting.

How to adjust the moisture of raw materials?

  1. If the raw material moisture is too high, can be added dry powder to adjust the moisture, such as sawdust straw etc.
  2. If the raw materials are too dry, our compost turner machine can be equipped with a spray device to regulate the moisture content of the raw materials.


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