Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Organic Fertilizer Production Line

If you have livestock manure ,like chicken manure,cow manure ,sheep manure ,you can use some simple machine to make organic fertilizer ,then you can get clean farm and profits . The most import machine is compost turner ,there are many models of this machine ,such as Groove type compost turner ,Wheel type compost turner ,Forklift compost turner ,Crawler type compost turner ,Moving type compost turner ,Chain plate type compost turner .Firstly ,you need to know the capacity and site you have ,groove is necessary if you want to use Groove type ,Wheel type or Chain Plate compost turner .

By the way ,if you don’t like fumes and your money is sufficient ,you can use our Organic fertilizer fermentation pot ,it’s clean enough .And the whole process is controlled automatically without the operation of the workers .

We also have complete sets of organic fertilizer production lines ,which final production do you want ? powder or granules ? They are very different ,one need crusher ,another need granulator. Details about these two lines as below :

  1. The powder fertilizer production line including material feeder ,crusher , screen and packing machine and belt conveyor ;
  2. The granules fertilizer production line including mixer, crusher, screen, granulator,cowper stove,dryer ,dust collector ,colling machine ,stock bin ,packing machine and belt conveyor .

These are all our products,if you want more details about these machine ,please do not hestitate to contact me .



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