Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Introduction of Disk Granulator

The granulation of all compound fertilizers is an important process in the dry powder granulation process. It is not only related to the internal and external quality of the product, but also related to the size and cost of the production. In addition to the physical and chemical properties of the granulation process. In addition, it is closely related to the form and mechanical properties of the granulation equipment. The main types of granulation equipment are a disc granulator, a drum granulator, an extrusion granulator, and a spray granulator dryer.

The disc granulator is composed of a slanted granulating disc, a driving device, a disc inclination adjusting mechanism, a frame, a feeding tube, a material liquid sprayer, a scraping plate and the like. The tilt angle of the disc granulator is generally adjusted from 35° to 55°, and the speed is n=10~18r/min. The angle is too small, the residence time is long, and the particle size is too large.

The disc granulator is a granulator in which a disc is mounted obliquely on a central axis of the hub, the central shaft is supported on a bearing of the frame, and is rotated by a transmission. The inclination of the disc can be accomplished by an adjustment mechanism controlled by an angle adjustment handwheel as required. A scraper is mounted on the disc surface and fixed to the scraper holder. The squeegee holder adjusts the squeegee up and down to clean the disc and the rim in time.



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