Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Advantages of Organic Fertilizer

  1. Improve soiland fertilize the land

After the organic fertilizer is applied to the soil, the organic matter can effectively improve the soil physiochemical properties & biological characteristics, and cultivate the soil, thus enhancing the capacity of providing and retaining fertilizer, and creating good soil conditions for the growth of the crop.

  1. Improve fertilizer utilization

Though organic fertilizers contain many nutrients, the relative contention is low with slow release. While the compound Fertilizers have high amount of unit nutrient content with fast release. If the two kinds of fertilizer are rationally combined and applied, they can complement each other. And the organic acids produced by the decomposition of organic matter can also promote the decomposition of mineral nutrients in soil and fertilizer. The organic fertilizer and the chemical fertilizer promote each other, which is beneficial to the absorption of crops and improves the utilization rate of fertilizers.

  1. Reduce environmental pollution

Organic waste contains a large number of pathogens. If not they are not treated in time, they will spread germs, and increase the concentration of ammonia, nitrate and soluble organic nitrogen in groundwater, and gives rise to eutrophication of surface and groundwater, causing deterioration of environmental quality and even threatening the survival of organisms. Therefore, the rational use of these organic fertilizers can reduce environmental pollution.



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