Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Introduction of crawler type compost turner

The crawler-type compost turner machine is a multi-functional machine, which has the function of fermentation, mixing, crushing and displacement. The crawler compost turner machine adopts a crawler, which can be driven forward, backward, turning by one person. The rotating knife shaft inside the compost turner implements turning, fluffing and shifting the raw materials. The outstanding of the crawler type compost turner lies in the integration of crushing. The crusher greatly improves the efficiency of crushing and fundamentally solves the problem that the volume of production is limited by the crushing machine.
Crawler-type compost turner is the most common way of composting chicken manure, pig manure and cow manure. After the fermentation of chicken manure in 10-15 days, the crawler type compost turner can make the chicken manure into high-quality organic fertilizer.
Here are three advantages of crawler type compost turner.
1.The surface between the crawler and the ground is larger, so it’s stable and there is no slippage.
2. Both sides of the crawler can be controlled separately and it can turn around in place, which saves labour.
3. The drive is stronger and the built-in stacker can automatically stack stacks, which eliminates the traditional trouble of stacking first and then turning.
Maintenance of crawler type compost turner :

Crawler Type Compost Turner (1)
(1) Regularly check whether all nut connectors are loose
(2) Regularly check the wear of the blades of the turner and whether the screws are loose
(3) Regularly check the tension of the belt in the wheel cover
(4) Add lubricant to the bearing regularly
(5) Check the diesel engine regularly
(6) After the system of hydraulic has been running for 200 hours, the hydraulic oil should be emptied to remove the impurities and check whether the filter element needs to be replaced. According to the cleanliness of the discharged hydraulic oil, you can determine whether to reuse it after filtration. When discharging hydraulic oil, the cylinder rod should be retracted into the cylinder barrel at first. The hydraulic system should be cleaned every 800 hours of work.



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