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Can unfermented pig manure be used?

Some people would say that pig manure is organic fertilizer with high nutritional value. Wouldn’t it be better to use it to fertilize the land directly? Let Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment share with you a point of knowledge that any livestock manure is not an organic fertilizer. It is a raw material in making organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is made by decomposing and fermenting of poultry manure with straw, cakes, etc.
Unfermented pig manure used in the land, crops, orchards or vegetable greenhouses will bring great harm and cause huge economic losses to farmers. Following is the harm of unfermented pig manure.
1. Harm of germs and pests
Unfermented pig manure contains nematodes, coliform bacteria and various bacteria. If the pig manure is used directly, it will cause diseases and even make root rot.
2. Organic substances cannot be directly absorbed
The organic matter in unfermented pig manure will decompose slowly and cannot be directly absorbed and utilized. And the uric acid in pig manure will inhibit the growth of crops.
3. Leading to soil hypoxia
Soil is main composed of water, soil and air. Oxygen is an important component. The decomposition of incompletely decomposed manure in the soil will consume a certain amount of oxygen, which makes the soil temporarily in an state of oxygen-deficient. In the poor ventilation of greenhouse, it will cause an imbalance in the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide. And this will affect growth of crop.
4. Causing unsafe agricultural products
In the process of feeding pigs, a large number of antibiotics are used to improve the utilization of feeding and promote the growth of animal. The unabsorbed part is excreted with pig manure, so there are more residues in pig manure. Using pig manure directly will cause relative reaction of soil, so it will bring harmful products.
Regardless of whether it is fresh pig manure or dried pig manure or the nutrient value contained in it is high for the soil and crops, it cannot be used without fermentation. It’s necessary that pig manure need to be fermented. And it will be better to use the fermentation compost equipment.

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