Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Installation and Commissioning of Disc Mixer

The disc mixer is largely composed of the following components.

  1. The main body of the mixer, including machine body, a stirring chamber, and a stirring rotor structure;
  2. One set of cycloidal pinwheel reducer. After the customer has placed an order, the foundation is built based on the process flow chart of our factory-designed or self-designed, and the corner hole is reserved on the basis (reasonable design, small vibration, and a very strong concrete foundation is not necessary).


Commissioning of the disc mixer:

The machine has been debugged and passed the strict quality and technical inspection approval before leaving the factory. However, problems causing by on-site maintenance or operation still need to be adjusted.

  1. The machine should be started without load. It is forbidden to start the machine with materials to avoid damage;
  2. The large stones and iron blocks in the materials must be strictly prohibited;
  3. Check whether all the bolts are loose before starting up the machine;
  4. Check whether the oil level in the bearing housing and the reducer is in place;
  5. Start the main motor, check whether the direction of rotation is reversed, if so,immediately stop debugging;
  6. It is strictly prohibited to stop the machine with materials.


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