Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to Achieve Dust-Proof and Noise-Absorption in Organic Fertilizer Production?

For the hazards of dust, the following technical measures can be used in the production process to prevent dust:


  1. Technological innovations of equipment and process operation methods and adopting new technologies are technical measures to completely eliminate dust pollution and do a good job of dust prevention. In the process reform, the root cause of the dust-free hazard in the production process should be the first, followed by the measures to eliminate or reduce the damage through the treatment after the dust is generated.


  1. Liquid dust control is a simple, economical and effective dust prevention measure. Dust absorbs, agglomerates and gains weight when it meets water. This can greatly reduce the generation and spread of dust and improve the air quality of the working environment.


  1. Closed dust source Effectively close the dust source, it is an effective technical measure to prevent dust from escaping. It is often used in conjunction with ventilation and dust removal technical measures.


  1. Ventilation and dust removal.This is a technical measure that is widely used and effective in industrial production. Ventilation and dust removal is to effectively control the dust source by means of ventilation, and the dusty gas is pumped out, purified by the dust collector and discharged into the atmosphere, so that the dust concentration in the working area meets the requirements of sanitary standards, and the exhaust gas reaches the discharge standard. Requirements.


  1. Personal protection.This is an auxiliary measure. It is usually based on other technical measures to prevent dust inhalation and reduce dust on the human body through various protective equipment (such as masks, anti-dust respirator, dust masks, dust -proof helmets, etc.). further to reduce harm to human body.


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