Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Equipment Process

Bio-organic fertilizer production equipment process: taking livestock and poultry manure, urban organic waste, straw as raw materials to ferment and produce organic fertilizer. It is necessary to use organic fertilizer fermentation turner, which is suitable for continuous fermentation of organic fertilizer plant. This model is a patented product developed by our company and is at the leading level in China. Characteristic of the machine: compact structure, advanced technology, short fermentation cycle (7-10 days), low the energy consumption is low, and stable product quality. The fermented material has a thickness of 70-90 cm in the pool, and is subjected to continuous aerobic fermentation by the oxygen supplied by the material in contact with the air during natural ventilation and turning, and the fermentation turning process realizes automatic intelligent control.

Working principle of bio-organic fertilizer production equipment: Under the transportation of vertical and horizontal walking mechanisms, the high-speed running round shovel throws and scatters the fermented materials and produces a certain displacement, so that the materials are regular and equidistant after the pool. Move, the fermented material is transported away from the end of the fermentation tank every day, and the space vacated at the front end of the fermentation tank (the amount of treatment per day) is supplemented with new fermentation materials, thereby forming a continuous fermentation process. After one fermentation, two times of aging.

Due to the complete range of nutrients, bio-organic fertilizer can not only improve the soil, but also improve the soil compaction caused by the use of chemical fertilizers, as well as the ability to enhance fertilizer, water retention and fertilizer supply. As a new type of scientific and chemical fertilizer production equipment, bio-organic fertilizer production equipment has been recognized by organic fertilizer manufacturers. Bio-organic fertilizer production equipment, the introduction of the world’s advanced technology, scientific use of sheep manure and crops for fermentation, extract the nutrients required by the plant, according to the production rules of crops such as wheat, corn, sunflower, melon and fruit, the characteristics of fertilizer, plus the appropriate amount Plant nutrients can produce bio-organic fertilizers that meet national standards.

Bio-organic fertilizer refers to specific functional microorganisms and mainly animal and plant residues. It is a kind of fertilizer that combines the effects of microbial fertilizers and organic fertilizers, which are made up of harmlessly treated and decomposed organic materials, such as livestock and poultry manure, crop straws, etc.



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