Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to produce organic fertilizer from livestock manure?

Livestock dung contain organic substances and nutrients that are beneficial to crops, soil and fruit trees etc., so they are often used to make organic fertilizers after being fermented and processed by organic fertilizer equipment.
How to produce organic fertilizer from livestock manure? It depends on its technology of processing.
Fermentation is the first step in making livestock manure into organic fertilizer, which is also a very important step. If the fermentation is not done well, the subsequent process of making fertilizer will not be possible. Not only that, there are many harms in unfermented livestock dung.
The harm of unfermented livestock
1. Leading to soil hypoxia
The unsuccessful fermentation of livestock dung will easily consume the oxygen in the soil during the decomposition process, which will cause the soil to lack oxygen and affect the growth of crops.
2. Secondary fermentation leads to burning seedlings
When the soil temperature rises to the temperature required for fermentation, the incompletely decomposed manure will undergo secondary fermentation. If the roots are close, the temperature produced by the secondary fermentation will cause the burning of the seedlings, what’s more, the plant will die.
3. The content of heavy metal exceeds the standard
The accumulation of heavy metals in livestock manure is related to the species of livestock. In the same species, the content of heavy metals is also related to factors such as the age of the livestock, the process methods of livestock manure and so on. Through the rapid development of intensive and large-scale breeding industry, some heavy metal elements are widely mixed into feed additives. And most of them are discharged into the environment along with animal manure, which causes huge pressure on the ecological environment. When this kind of livestock manure that is rich in heavy metals is used for planting for a long time, it can cause pollution of heavy metal in the soil.
4. Low efficiency of fertilizer
In unfermented livestock manure, most of the nutrients are in the organic state or slow-acting state, which cannot be directly absorbed and utilized by crops. Therefore, the effect of fertilizer is slow.
So what are the complete steps for making organic fertilizer from livestock dung?

Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Using organic fertilizer production equipment to make organic fertilizer is a quick and quick method. The organic fertilizer production line includes fermentation compost turner, loader type feeder, new type vertical crusher, rotary screening machine, dynamic automatic batching system, double shafts horizontal mixer, rotary drum granulator, organic fertilizer polishing machine, rotary drum drying machine, rotary drum cooling machine, rotary coating machine and single (double) bucket automatic packing scale.



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