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Introduction of semi-wet material crusher

The characteristics of semi-wet material crusher
1. It has a bottomless screen. And any wet material can be crushed without clogging.
2. The double-rotor hammer head is crushed in two stages, the unique two-way gap adjustment technology, the crushing ratio is large, and the discharge particle size does not exceed 3mm.
3. The operation is simple, which uses hydraulic and electric starter casing. Only one person can easily switch.
4. The maintenance is convenient. It has few wearing parts, wide range of application. The area of occupation is small. And whether it is fixed or mobile, it can work.
5. It solves the problem that the service life of hammer head and liner for wear too fast is short.
6. It has the system of centralized lubrication system, which is convenient and quick. And the entire oil circuit is closed to prevent dust from entering and damaging the bearing.
7. There are characteristics of low noise, high energy saving and high efficiency. It runs smoothly. And it increases the rotational inertia to overcome the movement resistance and saves more than 30% of electricity.

Semi Wet Material Crushe

The detailed structure of semi-wet material crusher
1. The semi-wet material crusher uses a two-stage rotor to grind up and down in two stages. The material passes through the upper-level rotor crusher into fine particles, and then is conveyed to the lower-level rotor crusher to continue to be crushed into fine powder. When the material reaches the maximum, the final material can be directly discharged from discharge port.
2. There is no a screen bottom, so more than a hundred kinds of materials can be pulverized without any blockage. Even the materials just picked up from the water, it can be also crushed and will not block the crushing of materials.
3. The semi-wet material crusher uses high-alloy wear-resistant hammers. The hammers are made of forging, which are more stronger and more wear-resistant than ordinary hammers, which increase the service life of the hammers.
4. The semi-wet material crusher adopts two-way gap adjustment technology. If the hammer is worn out, it does not need to be repaired. You can continue to use it by moving the position of the hammer. The granularity of the material can be controlled by adjusting the gap between the hammer head and the liner.
5. The semi-wet material shredder adopts high-tech technology and it can be easily operated by one person. It is not only safe and reliable, but also easy to maintain.
The application scope of semi-wet material crusher
1. Solid manure with a moisture content of about 30%-50% after fermentation
2. The dregs of traditional Chinese medicine left after the Chinese medicine is purified by the Chinese medicine manufacturer.
3. Fresh seaweed from coastal customers.
4.Fruit husks, peels, pomace and other wastes left after production by fruit processing enterprises.



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