Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

The cost of small scale organic fertilizer production line

Many people ask the cost of a small scale organic fertilizer production line and how it should be used. Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment tells you an explanation. A set of organic fertilizer equipment is not a fixed equipment. The equipment needs to be determined according to the site and materials. For example, chicken manure has a lot of moisture. You must reduce the moisture by adding broken corn cobs or straw in fermentation, otherwise it will not be made into pellets. However, the sheep manure is relatively dry, so it can be pelletized directly, if the moisture is controlled during fermentation. Therefore, the equipment is different for different processes.
The small organic fertilizer equipment is 4,600 dollars-30,000 dollars, and the organic fertilizer production line is different for different configuration. The low configuration of livestock manure organic fertilizer production line only needs crusher, mixer, granulator, screening machine and packaging machine.
The process of production

Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Firstly, the raw material should be put into fermentation groove and the bacteria should be sprinkled evenly. After 7-15 days of fermentation, the fermented material can be screened and crushed. Then it can be mixed and packaged for sale. And before packing, there can be a process of granulating.
1. The groove type compost turner adopts trough-type biological fermentation. According to the scale of production, several fermentation grooves with a width of 3 meters and a length of 50 meters need to be built. The raw materials are continuously put into the fermentation tank, and the compost turner is used to shift three meters every day. The groove type compost turner can achieve the purpose of water regulation and mixing even, which can save a lot of land and labor. It can achieve the purpose of being fully decomposed.
2. The screening machine sifts the fermented materials to detect the large pieces and sundries inside. It’s convenient to crushes and packs them.
3. The crusher smashes the large debris and stones in the organic fertilizer, which can ensure the quality of the product.
As for the cost of building a factory, it depends on the scale of factory you want to build, the annual capacity and the raw material and so on.



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