Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Organic Waste Aerobic Compost Machine

Organic Waste Aerobic Compost Machine is a new type integrated compost machine, which function is included organic waste collection, storage, aerobic fermentation and compost, etc.Mainly designed for the collecting daily fresh manure, waste, animal carcasses of livestock and poultry farms. It is also the ideal fermentation equipment for organic fertilizer manufacturers.

The fermentation process generally not need to add fermentation additives(but in the cold season, could consider appropriate to add). In the fermentation of tanks about 7-10 days to produce a complete fermentation, completely decomposed, water content of 25% -35% of the organic fertilizer .

The reactor using multilayer insulation treatment, Rock wool board and insulation foam board, the outer wall is anti-corrosion color steel tile board, so can ensure the fermentation temperature in the reactor is always maintained at 50-65 degrees Celsius, can effectively kill a variety of eggs and pathogenic bacteria.

Because of the fermentation process under a sealed condition, also could collect waste gas and odor to centralized processing, discharged clean gas into the atmosphere; achieve discharge standards, prevent secondary pollution, for the benefit of society.



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