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Five advantages of making organic fertilizer production from livestock manure

Generally, the raw materials used by customers who produce organic fertilizer are livestock manure and straw. These raw materials can be turned into organic fertilizers through the organic fertilizer production line, which includes a series of processes such as fermentation,crushing and granulating. The fertilizer equipment has made the production of fertilizer become a simple, effective and harmless way. With the development of agriculture, the breeding industry of livestock has developed from the style of courtyard to the intensive, large-scale and commercialized style. Here are five advantages of making organic fertilizer from livestock manure.
1. The livestock manure organic fertilizer has long-lasting effect and comprehensive nutrient elements. It can provide the macro and trace elements that the crop need. It can also increase the organic matter content of soil and promote the formation of soil aggregate structure. Besides, it can increase fertility retention and aeration capacity of soil.
2. It can promote the reproduction of soil microorganisms and increase the number of microorganisms in the soil.It can also accelerate the decomposition and accumulation of nutrients in the soil.
3. The livestock manure organic fertilizer can activate nutrients of soil and increase organic matter of soil. It can combine and fix the effective components of quick-acting fertilizers to improve utilization of fertilizer so that it can reduce the leaching losses of fertilizer.And this will avoid pollution and protect ecology.
4. It can keep the soil alive by activating the metabolism of microorganisms and degrading toxic substances in the soil.
5. The livestock manure is a source of both fertilizer and pollution. It is an effective measure to turn livestock manure into fertilizer and improve environmental quality.

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