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Five points on the fermentation of pig manure

As we all know, fertilizers need to be applied to the crops to ensure the healthy and growth of crops. Animal manure is the main force of soil fertilization. Animal manure has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost and easy to get. Therefore, many farmers are using it. However, if animal manure is not fully fermented, it will burn seedlings and roots. Next, Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment tells you five points that should be paid attention to the fermentation of pig manure.
At the beginning of fermentation, the best temperature should be 25℃~35℃. In winter, it is recommended to be indoors or in a greenhouse. If it is in outdoors, it is recommended to cover it with plastic film.
First, you should mix 200g-300g bacteria agent with 20kg-30kg bran powder thoroughly.
Then, you should add the mixed material above to 1 ton of organic fertilizer and mix it evenly (it can be divided into small piles and then mix the small piles together). You need to control the moisture content of the material at 40%-45% by adding water or other materials. The standard is that when you grasp the material, the water between the fingers doesn’t drip.
4.The size of the pile
The raw materials of fermentation are directly piled on the ground, and the pile should not be too small. A pile with a height of 1.5 meters to 2 meters, a width of 2 meters, and a length of 2 to 4 meters is better for fermentation. The top of pile can be covered with plastic cloth. And the fermentation doesn’t need seal. During the fermentation, the pile should be turned over at an appropriate time and water should be added or reduced according to the temperature. And the time of fermentation will be reduced with compost turner equipment.
When the material no longer heats up and becomes loose and its color becomes dark brown, the fermentation is complete.
After the pig manure is fermented with the inoculant, the efficiency of fertilizer is better. The fertilizer is safer and more convenient and the utilization rate of fertilizer can also be improved. Organic fertilizer inoculants can not only be used in the fermentation of pig manure, but also used in the fermentation of other animal manure, such as chicken manure, sheep manure, cow manure and so on. The method is basically same. Finally, no matter what material is used to ferment, the moisture content must be controlled.

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