Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Application of Granulated Fertilizers

1.Locally together with plant seeds or planting material

2.Before sowing or planting with disc spreaders and then adding to the soil

3.At the beginning of vegetation without adding to the soil

4.In later stages of vegetation when vegetables are grown in greenhouses and outdoors

5.Spread in all directions when fertilizing potted flowers

6.In horticulture and berry breeding, spreading in all directions under the fruit trees and berry bushes

7.When fertilizing strawberries and raspberries, prior to the installation of strawberry and raspberry farms, apply additionally in late autumn or early spring at the beginning of vegetation

8.Granular fertilizers can be applied in autumn or spring before sowing or planting. When fertilizing in autumn, the amount of nutrients, which the plants easily absorb, significantly increases in the soil in spring. This application is recommended for plants in soil that has a heavier granulometric texture. It is better to fertilize plants before sowing or planting in soils that have a lighter granulometric texture (sandy loam, loam with a light granulometric texture), this will therefore avoid leaching of nutrients into the deeper layers.



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