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How to Make Organic Fertilizer from Cow Dung

The cow must be familiar to everyone, and it is fed in many places in the countryside. The cows are all treasures. We are all very clear about this. Even the cow dung with special smell has certain value. Presumably, many people find it incredible. The fact is that cow dung can be made into organic fertilizer after processing.


How does cow dung ferment quickly?


  1. Dry cow dung: Due to the lack of water in the dried cow dung, it is impossible to ferment. After adding enough water, add enough water, pile up into a pile, ferment again, and seal the plastic cloth on the cover, so that the fermentation will be faster.


  1. fresh cow dung: If it is fresh cow dung, it is necessary to add various excipients during fermentation to absorb the moisture in fresh cow dung. Too much water can easily lead to airtightness, microbes can not produce fermentation, and various materials are selected. The purpose is to absorb some of the water in the fresh cow dung. Accessories are generally selected: sawdust, straw, grass gray carbon and so on.


How to make organic fertilizer for cow dung


  1. Preparation of bacteria: Prepare the manure that needs fermentation, preferably fresh cow dung (the fermentation effect of fresh manure is better than that of old manure), such as: about 1 ton of fresh cow dung plus 0.25 kg of Su Kehan cow dung fermenting agent. The cow dung fermenting agent should first be mixed with rice bran (or corn flour, wheat bran) at a ratio of 1:5-10.


  1. If the raw material moisture is above 70%, it can be mixed with the auxiliary material in a weight ratio of 3:1, and then the expanded bacteria can be added to the fermented material (raw material), and evenly stacked.


  1. The water content of the fermented mixture should be controlled at about 60% (hands in a group, loose can be split, at least to ensure that the hand will not hold the water from the fingers).


  1. Stacking the stirred fermented material, the height is about 1.2m, the width is about 2m, and the length is not limited.


  1. Fermentation for 24-48 hours, the temperature can be over 55 °C, and the deodorization effect can be achieved after three days of heating.


  1. After 7-15 days of fermentation, bio-based organic fertilizer can be used to reach the latest NY525-2012 standard.


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