Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Some Tips About The Usage of Different Fertilizer

1.Long – effect urea is often used as a base fertilizer due to its long – term fertilizer effect,It usually does not need to be used for recovery, but it must be used early if it needs to be used for fertilizer application.Late fertilization may lead to late maturity and delay the maturity of the crop.


2.Crops should not be sprayed with foliar fertilizer during the flowering period,because during flowering period, delicate flower, easy to suffer fertilizer.The flowers are delicate and vulnerable by fertilizer.


3.The compound fertilizer is compared with elemental fertilizer, it is mixed with the nitrogen phosphate and other elements, as early as possible in use.Because it contains a variety of elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, In order to give full play to the phosphorus and potassium nutrients, it is necessary to use early.


4.Q:What’s the warm fertilizer?

A:Horse manure.The fertilizer that produces high temperature in the pile-up process is called hot fertilizer, such as the when the horse dung is decomposted,it will produce high heat.So it is hot fertilizer, sheep dung, rabbit dung is also hot fertilizer.

Organic fertilizers that are not sufficiently fermented are essentially hot fertilizers.In the pile process, the low-heat farm manure is a cold fertilizer, such as the decomposition of cow manure, low heat, not cause high heat, so it is cold fertilizer, pig manure is also cold fertilizer and warm fertilizer should be fermented before using, otherwise it should not be used in large amount of concentration in the vicinity of crop roots.After using cold fertilizer, in the soil generally no longer heat again,it does not burn the root (suggested use after fermentation), characterized by fine texture, high water content, the rotten slowly, decomposition is difficult;It is suitable for sand soil, which is good for the decomposition of fertilizer, and can improve the performance of soil water preservation and fertilizer, and generally used as the base fertilizer.


5.Q:What nitrogenous fertilizer is easy to cause soil hardening?

A: Ammonium chloride.Crops selectively absorb ammonium chloride. They will remain more chloride ions in the soil, resulting in excess anions, generating corresponding acid substances, resulting in soil hardening.



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