Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Which solid-liquid separator should a pig farm choose?

In recent years, many pig farms have begun to purchase pig manure environmental protection processing equipment, such as pig manure solid-liquid separator, pig manure production organic fertilizer equipment, pig manure organic fertilizer granulator, pig manure organic fertilizer turning machine. Among them, the pig manure solid-liquid separator is divided into screw extrusion type and inclined screen vibration type, which are different.

Pig farms have different ways of cleaning manure, and there are differences in the purchase of pig manure solid-liquid separators. Many pig farms use dry manure removal or mechanical manure removal. The pig farms install automatic manure scrapers to clean the manure into septic tanks for fermentation. This manure removal method has less water content, so a screw extrusion dehydrator can be used. In addition, a small number of pig farms use the process of flushing manure with water, so there is a lot of water, and it is generally not suitable to use a screw extrusion dehydrator. It is recommended to use an inclined screen vibrating separator.
Our organic fertilizer equipment is mainly for pig farms and chicken farms, helping farmers to deal with environmental protection and turn waste into treasure. If you want to make pig manure organic fertilizer, it is not enough to use a solid-liquid separator alone. Its function is only for dry and wet separation. It is recommended that you make granular fertilizer. Pig manure organic fertilizer is very popular in the market. How much does an organic fertilizer production line cost? Is there any video on it? Welcome to contact us for details.



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