Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to store pig manure organic fertilizer?

(1) The place where pig manure organic fertilizer should be clean. If the pig manure organic fertilizer comes into contact with pollutants during the storage process, or some chemical components that are not conducive to the storage of pig manure organic fertilizer, or other substances, they will be corroded in various ways. As a result, the corresponding effect, especially the effect of bringing nutrients to crops, will be greatly reduced.
(2) The place where pig manure organic fertilizer is stored should be dry. Pig manure organic fertilizer will definitely react or even volatilize when it comes into contact with moist gas or moisture. If we want to avoid this from happening, we need to keep them in a dry environment during storage.

Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line
There are many equipments for the production of pig manure organic fertilizer. The pig manure turning machine must be used, because the pig manure can be fermented well by the organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, so that the germs and eggs in the pig manure can be fermented well. And the processed pig manure organic fertilizer can be safely applied to crops. So how much is a set of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment? How big is the area of the pig manure turning machine? Is there a production video of pig manure organic fertilizer? For these questions, please contact us.



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