Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Which one is better, screw extrusion dehydrator or inclined screen dehydrator?

The water content of manure in farms is too high, which is not conducive to being processed into organic fertilizers. For manure with high water content, it must be properly dehydrated with a dehydrator before entering the next step of processing organic fertilizer. There are two kinds of dehydrators commonly used for manure dehydration: screw extrusion dehydrator and inclined screen dehydrator.
Advantages of inclined screen dehydrator:
1. The inclined screen dehydrator can achieve a separation rate of more than 95% for floating, suspended matter and sediment in feces, and the solid content of the slag can reach more than 35%.
2. Inclined screen dehydrator first sorts and filters out the large solids in the feces, and then performs operations such as pressing, dehydration, and sand removal.
3. Low energy consumption.

Advantages of screw press dehydrator:
1. Low energy consumption and high efficiency. The screw press adopts the principle of physical extrusion dehydration, and no additional heat source is required during the dehydration process.
2. Good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The key parts of the screw press are sprayed with wear-resistant layer, and a layer of alloy cutter head is welded on the surface of the screw auger blade to increase wear resistance, thereby greatly extending the service life of the equipment.
3. The separated solid matter contains dry matter up to 50%
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