Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Tips to extend the service life of organic fertilizer equipment

Generally, the cost of organic fertilizer equipment is very high, so we must maintain them to prolong the service life. The following is a detailed introduction, hoping to help everyone.
1. Reduce the influence of temperature during work. The temperature of each component has its own normal range. For example, the temperature of the general cooling water is 80-90°C, and the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic transmission system is 30-60°C. If it falls below or exceeds this range, it will accelerate the wear of parts, cause the deterioration of lubricating oil, and cause changes in material properties.

2. Reduce the impact of mechanical impurities. Mechanical impurities generally refer to non-metallic substances such as dust and soil, and some metal shavings and wear products produced by the organic fertilizer equipment during use.
3. Reduce all kinds of corrosion. The phenomenon that the metal surface and the surrounding medium undergo chemical or electrochemical interactions and suffer damage is called corrosion. This kind of corrosion will not only affect the normal operation of the external equipment of the machine, but also corrode the internal parts of the machine.
4. Ensure normal working load. The size and nature of the working load of organic fertilizer equipment have an important impact on the mechanical wear process. Wear increases when a part is subjected to higher than average design loads.
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