Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

What to do with compost caking?

The fermented material in the heap has large parts, and the structure is inconsistent. Possible reasons and solutions:
1. Uneven mixing of raw materials or insufficient turnover: Improve the initial mixing method.
2. Uneven airflow or insufficient surround: Sort or crush compost to improve air distribution.
3. Raw materials contain bulky and non-degradable or slow-degrading materials: sorting compost, crushing and sorting raw materials.
4. The composting process is not over: prolong the fermentation time or improve the fermentation conditions.

Crawler Type Compost Turner (1)
To make compost with good quality, the crawler type compost turner can be a good solution, which an turn and crush the raw materials together. After the fermentation is completed, the harmless treatment of manure is basically completed, but in order to use it as an organic fertilizer, it is necessary to pulverize, stir (add nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), and granulate. For questions about process and equipment configuration, welcome to contact us.



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