Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How much pig manure does a 10,000 pig farm produce every day?

An adult pig excrete 3-5 kg of manure and urine per day, and the excretion of 10,000 pigs per day is 30,000-50,000 kg, that is, 30-50 tons per day. It is about 11,000-18,000 tons per year. The moisture content is above 80-90. The production of organic fertilizer from pure pig manure fails to meet the fertilizer standard. The livestock and poultry manure in the farm must be treated by high-temperature composting and fermentation in a harmless treatment mode.
Option 1. Use a dehydrator to separate dry and wet to 55-60% and ferment. Add accessories to semi-finished products.
Option 2. The ingredients need to be added with auxiliary materials until the moisture content is 55-60%, and the proportion of straw per ton is about 20-30%.

crawler type compost turner
How much organic fertilizer production line is suitable for 10,000 pig farms? Generally, 10,000 pig farms are suitable for organic fertilizer production line equipment with an annual output of 5,000-10,000 tons. What organic fertilizer equipment is needed for pig manure processing organic fertilizer? How much does a pig manure organic fertilizer production line cost? How much land does a standard pig manure organic fertilizer production line occupy, how many workshops and how many people are needed to operate it? Welcome to contact us for details.



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