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What should be paid attention to when fermenting pig manure?

After the pig manure is fermented with the organic fertilizer inoculant, the fertilizer effect is better. It is safer and more convenient, and the utilization rate of fertilizers can also be improved, but the moisture content must be well controlled, otherwise the success will fall short. Need to pay attention to the following factors.
1. Temperature
The optimum starting temperature for fermentation should be between 25°C and 35°C. If it is fermented in winter, it is recommended to do it indoors or in a greenhouse. If it is outside, it is recommended to cover it with plastic film.
2. Proportion
First, fully mix 200g-300g starter with 20kg-30kg bran powder or wheat straw and other auxiliary materials.
3. Moisture
Add the above mixture into 1 ton of pig manure and mix evenly again (it can be divided into small piles for mixing and then mix each small pile together), according to the situation after mixing, add water or materials to control the water content at 40%-45%, The standard is that there is water between the fingers of the hand but not dripping.

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4. Size of stockpile
The fermentation raw materials are piled directly on the ground, and the fermentation pile should not be too small, with a height of 1.5 meters to 2 meters, a width of 2 meters, and a length of more than 2 to 4 meters. The fermentation effect is better. It can be covered with plastic cloth. Generally, the internal temperature can reach 70°C or higher in about 24 hours. During the fermentation process, the compost should be turned. Turn the compost 1-2 times (turning the compost will speed up the fermentation speed and improve the quality), and the temperature is kept relatively constant, which means it is finished (the manure heap is kept at about 40°C).
5. A sign of successful fermentation
When the material no longer heats up and becomes loose, dark brown, and has completely lost the smell of feces. On the contrary, there is a faint aroma after biological fermentation, and the pile is covered with a large number of white mycelia, and the fermentation is complete.
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