Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

What problems should I pay attention to when buying a full set of organic fertilizer production line?

1. Determine the output of organic fertilizer production line
Before purchasing organic fertilizer production line, it is necessary to determine the annual output of organic fertilizer production line. If the annual output is large, large-scale organic fertilizer production line should be selected. If the output is 30,000-50,000 tons, small organic fertilizer production line should be selected.
2.Configure suitable organic fertilizer production line
The processing equipment in the organic fertilizer production line can be arbitrarily matched according to the actual processing conditions. If only powdered organic fertilizer is produced, there is no need for subsequent packaging. Only fermentation equipment, mixing equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment, and belt conveying are purchased. If you need powder and granular fertilizers, it is more appropriate to buy a complete set of organic fertilizer processing equipment.

3. The site of the organic fertilizer plant
The site of the organic fertilizer plant is very important for the equipment of the organic fertilizer production line. The organic fertilizer plant should be built in a place with good ventilation, flat terrain, good drainage system and dry place.
4. The strength of organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturers
When buying organic fertilizer production line, choose a manufacturer with strength. It is best to go to the manufacturer for an on-site inspection. A formal and powerful organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer has a professional R&D team, a technical backbone team, advanced manufacturing equipment, perfect after-sales service and technical support. If there are many customer cases, it means that the equipment quality has passed the test, and the workers have rich technical experience.
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