Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

What is the effect of material moisture on the organic fertilizer granulator?​

In the process of the organic fertilizer granulator, materials are required to have a certain viscosity. Some raw materials are relatively loose after fermentation. That’s not easy to pelletize. Some water or binders must be added to increase the viscosity of the materials. The disc granulator and the rotary drum granulator adopt agglomerate granulation method. During the granulation process, water or binder is added to ensure that the material can be granulated smoothly. The new type organic fertilizer granulator adopts wet granulation, and the material after fermentation can be directly granulated without other procedures.
If the water content of the material is too high, you can add some relatively dry materials in an appropriate amount to neutralize the water content. If the water content is too low, you can add water in an appropriate amount to facilitate granulation.

The new organic fertilizer granulator is a new type organic fertilizer granulating equipment with the development of agriculture, technological and diverse needs. After effective fermentation, all kinds of organic matter can be granulated by the new type organic fertilizer granulator, which breaks the limitations and obstacles of the traditional technology. Moreover, the raw materials do not need crushing and drying tasks before granulation. The ingredients can be directly realized in granulating. It not only saves the labour, but also achieves a greater increase in efficiency, which is convenient and fast. And the effect is satisfactory.



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