Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Five advantages of solid-liquid separator equipment

1.High efficiency
The solid-liquid separator equipment has a strong ability to treat some dirt. It has different treatment rates for unused dirt and basically the efficiency is very high.
2. Short working hours
The entire solid-liquid separation process includes flocculation reaction and solid-liquid separation process. The total time for these two parts is basically about 3 minutes. The flocculation speed is fast and the working time is greatly shortened.

3. Small footprint
Considering that this kind of machine is too large to be easily installed, we also fully considers this factor when manufacturing the machine. Therefore, the model of solid-liquid separator equipment can be as small as the limit. Compared with the traditional machine, the fuselage is only about one-tenth of it. It can be seen how small this kind of machine occupies space.
4. Large capacity
As mentioned earlier, because the entire process of solid-liquid separation process takes less time, it is possible to improve work efficiency when dealing with water, so the amount of water to be treated is naturally very large.
5. High flexibility
The machine is not limited to one form. It can be vehicle-mounted, fixed, or independent. It takes full consideration of the requirements of each customer. It is also very extensive and highly flexible.



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