Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

What are the precautions for the compound fertilizer production line?

The compound fertilizer production line is a highly automated compound fertilizer production equipment. As long as the worker follow the correct method, it can produce compound fertilizer with high-quality. In order to prolong the service life of the compound fertilizer production line, the staff should pay attention to the following matters during the use of the compound fertilizer production equipment.
1. In order to avoid accidents in the transportation of the compound fertilizer production equipment, you should carefully check the bolt and nut fastening conditions of each part before starting the machine. You should also look at the flat teeth, round teeth and spindle nuts and other parts whether there is any looseness. And turn the pulley by hand to ensure that there is no collision and debris between the equipment. After checking, turn on the machine and let it idle for a few minutes, and then continue to operate after there is no abnormal condition.
2. During the operation of the compound fertilizer production line, the staff should pay attention to promptly remove the impurities mixed in the original ingredients, and never allow hard debris such as stones and iron blocks to be mixed into the middle area of the equipment, and avoid damage to the equipment.

Compound(NPK) Fertilizer Production Line
3. In order to operate normally and steadily, the equipment must be placed on a stable and firm ground and the feet of the machine must be installed and leveled. When using it for the first time or after a long period of inactivity, it must add lubricating oil to each moving part of the equipment, and then run it without load for a period of time to ensure that there is no problem before using it.
4. When feeding, pay attention to the amount of materials not exceeding the specified volume of the equipment. After feeding, the cover must be tightly closed in time. After the equipment is started, if an abnormality is found, the machine should be shut down for inspection.
The above are some matters needing attention during the use of compound fertilizer production line. The reason for paying attention to so many details is to ensure that the high-quality compound fertilizer production line can consistently maintain good performance and service life, which can not only produce qualified compound fertilizer, but also reduce the enterprise’s equipment investment.



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