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The process of sheep manure organic fertilizer production

Organic fertilizers are all made from the residues of poultry manure and plant through a series of processes such as high-temperature sterilization, fermentation, harmless treatment and so on. And sheep manure is one of the high-quality raw materials in the production of organic fertilizer. Today, Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment tells you the sheep manure organic fertilizer production line. The amount of sheep manure is small. And the feces are fine and dry. Sheep manure is a kind of thermal fertilizer between cow manure and horse manure. Sheep manure, with the help of microbial fermentation bacteria, is converted into high-quality and environmental friendly organic fertilizer through the process of high-temperature sterilization, fermentation, deodorize and so on.
The process of sheep manure organic fertilizer production:
1. The sheep dung is mixed with an appropriate amount of straw and a certain amount of water to make the water content of the sheep dung at 45%. (Generally, 45% of moisture content is required for fermentation. What is the state of 45% of moisture content? When you grasp the material, the water can be seen between the fingers, but it is not dripping. After releasing the material, it will be scattered.)
2. The bio-composite bacteria, according to the proportion that 1 ton of material (about 1.5 tons of fresh material) needs 3 kilograms of bio-composite bacteria, should be put into the mixed material above. The bio-composite bacteria liquid and clean water should be diluted in a proportion of 1:300, and then sprayed evenly into the material. Besides, an appropriate amount of corn flour can be added to provide sugar for the fermentation of the bacteria, so that the multi-dimensional complex enzyme bacteria will quickly gain an absolute advantage. And the organic fertilizer fermentation cylinder is fully automated and completes the fermentation automatically.
3. The prepared mixture should be added to the mixing equipment and stirred thoroughly to the extent that there are no lumps.
4. After mixing, it can be pulverized by a semi-wet material crusher after a little drying and granulated by an organic fertilizer granulator. Then the pellets can be dried by rotary drum drying machine and screened by rotary screening machine to make final organic fertilizer.

Sheep Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line



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