Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

The difference between organic fertilizer equipment and inorganic fertilizer equipment

Generally speaking, organic fertilizer equipment is mainly divided into two parts. One is fermentation and the other is granulation. The equipment used mainly includes fermentation compost turner equipment, crushing equipment, mixing equipment, granulating equipment, drying and cooling machine and so on.
Organic fertilizer production line is slightly complicated. And the factors that influence fermentation are microorganisms, C/N, moisture, PH, aeration control and so on. Because one of the factors is not well controlled, it will affect the effect of fermentation. Therefore, the characteristics of organic raw materials are relatively light, rough and the low bonding rate.
In granulation part,there are also some differences between organic fertilizer equipment and the inorganic fertilizer. That’s because the raw material of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer are different. The inorganic fertilizer is based on chemical reaction and generally only contains specific one or two material. And these elements have a great effect on the improvement of crops in a short time. However, in the long term, it will bring certain harm to soil and the growth of plants. The raw materials used in organic fertilizers are agricultural wastes, such as straws and household garbage, which are good for the sustainable development of the environment.
Organic fertilizer equipment will gradually be developed in recent years and will be widely used in the planting of green food, vegetable and the greening of municipal. Although the process of organic fertilizer production is complicated, in general, the cost and risk of it are relatively small. Besides, the range of its raw material is very wide. Regarding the difference between organic fertilizer equipment and inorganic fertilizer equipment, you can consider the factors such as annual capacity, method of fermentation, and degree of mechanization when selecting equipment.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line



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