Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

The Operating Principle of the Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

Place the work frame of the chain plate type compost tuner on the fermentation tank, then it can  travel along the upper track. The trolley is placed on the work frame, and the turning parts and hydraulic system are mounted on the trolley. During the composting operation, the work frame advances from the initial end of the fermentation tank at a certain speed, and the trolley is stationary with respect to the work frame. Then the turning component penetrates into the groove, and as the whole of the equipment advances, the chain plate continuously rotates, thereby continuously drawing the material in the tank and Transfer to the rear to re-stack. After completing a stroke along the trough, the hydraulic system raises the turning part to a height that is not in contact with the material. The cart moves laterally by a width, the work frame retreats to the initial end of the fermentation tank, and then the turning parts are returned to the depth. In the slot, start the next process.


The chain plate turning machine travels along the track of the fermentation tank. The composting machine throws up, scatters and produces a certain displacement in the process of turning over, so that the material has a regular and equidistant progressive backward movement in the pool. Thereby forming a continuous aerobic fermentation process. This high-efficiency composting operation helps to accelerate the fermentation of the material in the fermentation tank, and reduce moisture and improve the stability of the material after fermentation.



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