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Revealing the Working Principle of Groove Type Compost Turner

The groove type compost turner is a large-scale machine used for the material of the fermentation tank to be turned over. It is mainly composed of a walking system, a lifting mechanism, a frame, a working part, a power transmission system, and a turning working part, in order to realize multiple fermentation beds. The bed is turned over and the throwing machine should be used in conjunction with the lift. The walking system is composed of a walking frame, a traveling motor, a chain drive system, a transmission shaft, a walking wheel, etc., and is used to drive the turning machine to move on the track; the lifting mechanism uses a hydraulic cylinder to lift and lower the working part to adjust the turning depth; The frame provides installation position and support for the motor, hydraulic system, electrical cabinet, etc.; the power transmission system of the working part is composed of a motor, a T-type transmission box, a reducer, a chain transmission system, etc., and the motor power is transmitted to the working part. The working part provides power, and the working part throws the material from the bottom up by the rotation of the molars during the advancement of the machine, so that it is in full contact with the air.


The working principle of groove type compost machine:

The two sides of the fermenting tank are equipped with a track for turning the composting machine. The walking system of the turning machine is powered by the traveling motor, and the traveling wheel drives the walking wheel to move back and forth on the track. While the turning machine is moving forward, the blade on the working part rotates to throw and crush the lower layer of the pad in the fermentation bed, and the pad is fully contacted with the air during the process of throwing the pad, and at the same time The padding moisture and temperature are adjusted to promote microbial fermentation. After the turning machine reaches the end of the fermentation bed, the working table is raised to a certain height by using a hydraulic cylinder, and the frequency of the traveling motor is adjusted by the frequency modulation device, so that the device quickly returns to the starting point and completes a working process.



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