Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to choose a suitable granulator?

A fertilizer granulation equipment may be suitable for a variety of materials, but it is not clear to choose a suitable granulator for some fertilizer processing plants. The following will give you a brief introduction on choosing the appropriate fertilizer granulator:
1. Raw material
According to the characteristics of different raw materials, different granulation methods need to be selected. If rolling granulation is considered, it is necessary to check whether the powder has sufficient fineness. If the raw material particles are too large, it is not suitable to use rolling granulation. And rolling granulation mainly includes disc granulator and rotary drum granulator.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator
2. Product requirement
According to different granulation methods, the particle size of the products is very different. For example, rolling granules can make smoother spheres. For the particles with special shapes, extrusion and extrusion granulation methods are required.
3. Other factors
The processing capacity of different granulation methods is very different, so the space occupied by the equipment is also very different. Therefore, the investment and processing cost of equipment must be considered. Dry granulation will inevitably lead to dust generation. However, wet granulation requires drying after granulation and consumes energy, all of which need to be considered in the design of the granulation process.



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