Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

The cost of sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

How much is the sheep dung organic fertilizer production line? What equipment is needed to convert sheep manure into organic fertilizer? There are many different configurations of equipment for producing sheep manure organic fertilizer. And the prices of organic fertilizer production machines with different configurations are different. There are two types of sheep manure organic fertilizer production lines. One is powder organic fertilizer production line. The other is granular organic fertilizer production line. The configuration of two types of organic fertilizer production line are different, so their prices are naturally different.

There are fermentation compost turner, horizontal mixer, semi-wet material crusher, rotary screening machine and single(double) bucket automatic packing scale in the sheep dung powder organic fertilizer production line.

The sheep manure granular organic fertilizer production line includes fermentation compost turner, loader type feeder, new type vertical crusher, rotary screening machine, dynamic automatic batching system, double shafts horizontal mixer, rotary drum granulator, organic fertilizer polishing machine, rotary drum drying machine, rotary drum cooling machine, rotary coating machine and single (double) bucket automatic packing scale.

The price of the sheep manure granular organic fertilizer equipment is higher than that of the powder production line. That’s because the granular production line has more equipment than the powder line. And the configuration of these equipment is higher. The range of price is from about 45,600 dollars to 136,800 dollars. The enterprises can choose the line, according to the capacity and budget.



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